Eligibility Criteria
From 2014 Wales Book of the Year award onwards
The title…

1. Be the sole work of one writer (illustrations and introductions excluded)
2. Be published for the first time (in either Welsh or English) in the calendar year preceding the award
3. Be comprised substantially of work which has not been previously published in individually authored collections
4. Be a work of poetry, fiction or creative non-fiction (see note below)
5. Be published by an established publishing house, which is here defined as a house that publishes a list of titles by a range of authors and distributes its books through recognised booksellers. Self-published books are not eligible.
6. Be intended for an adult readership

1. Be written in the Welsh language
2. Be written in English by a Welsh-born writer, or someone who was schooled in Wales
3. Be written in English by a non-Welsh-born/schooled writer who is currently resident in Wales
4. Be of clear relevance to Wales and Welsh culture (see definition below)

Note on literary non-fiction
Creative non-fiction is defined as prose writing which is either primarily creative in nature or discursively engages with other’s fiction, non-fiction or poetry. This includes all literary criticism, as well as other prose where the creativity of verse is central to the nature of the work. Types of books which COULD fall under such criterion include travel writing, autobiography/biography and social history.

Definition of works which are of clear relevance to Wales and Welsh culture
Titles which discuss and/or add to themes which have a tradition of discourse in Welsh literary fields can, on occasions, be determined eligible for consideration despite the writer having no linguistic, residential or adolescent links with Wales.

Work published within anthologies of multiple writers is not eligible for consideration.

Translations are not eligible for consideration unless they are deemed to be of major significance to Welsh literature far beyond existing versions of the source material.

Works of literary criticism are eligible for consideration if they are, or can be convincingly argued to be, relevant to Wales or Welsh culture.

Scripts are not eligible for consideration.

Titles with illustrations or images are judged on the quality of the writing alone and any award is made to the author alone. Literature Wales is the national company for the development of literature in Wales and as such is funded primarily to promote creative writing in the English and Welsh-language.

If you are in any doubt about the eligibility of a book for Wales Book of the Year, please contact Literature Wales: 029 2047 2266 or post@literaturewales.org

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